Description of Specific Services

All types of laboratory testing for material characterization and certification (chemical composition, mechanical properties – at low temperature, room temperature, and high temperature, metallographic microstructure) can be performed in the specialized laboratories of NNDT. Also, complete testing programs for welding technologies qualification, and welders authorization according to all known welding standards can be performed in the Nuclear NDT laboratories. The list of the destructive testing methods for material characterization is given below:

Material Testing Capabilities

    • Tensile Testing at room and elevated temperature;
    • Charpy Impact Testing, including determination of FATT and NDTT;
    • Drop-weight test according to ASTM E208;
    • Creep Testing;
    • Hardness and Microhardness Testing;
    • Metallographic analysis for evaluation of purity, grain size & structure, identification of phase constituents (ferrite, perlite, martensite, bainite, etc.);
    • Technological testing (bending, flattening, rupture, etc.)
    • Specific bolting (including nuts) testing;
    • Tests for welding procedures qualification & welders authorization)


Laboratory Testing Services

    • Mechanical Testing
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Metalographic Analysis
    • Corrosion Testing
    • Non-Destructive examination
    • Welding Procedures&Welders Qualification
    • Magnetic Properties Testing